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My name is Xavier and I am a professional lightworker. #Lightworkers are souls sent to our earth to help heal and uplift the collective human condition. We each do this work in our own, unique way. Some of us are teachers and actors that impart knowledge and inspiration within the world around them. Some of us are doctors, healers and therapists. Other lightworkers, like myself, are psychics and spiritualists that may manipulate energy, communicate with spirit guides or reach into the subconscious and help heal trauma and heal the scars of older wounds.

I help my clients relearn who they are, so that they can reinvent themselves and radically transform their lives and reach higher goals. I provide my clients with tools of alignment, awareness, and self-mastery that can be help them pinpoint their blindspots, break through their blocks, and truly create the life of their dreams.

Change takes consistency and accountability to bring to fruition. It takes unlearning what you’ve learned about yourself and recalibrating how one approaches and perceives those things within the mind and psyche. It requires discipline and accountability to forge these new neural pathways while having the love and patience for oneself. It can be scary facing and integrating trauma by yourself. This is the main focus of my spiritual work.

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Human Design

Human Design is a fascinating synthesis of multiple esoteric modalities that have been used by our collective across humanity’s history to explain the mystery of the individual. This system combines the I-Ching, the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, numerology, the Hindu Brahmin Chakra System, and of course astrology. It combines wisdom from all of these teachings and illuminates the unique blueprint of each person, providing a guide for the individual to live a life that is fulfilling and satisfying by operating correctly as they were “designed” to do. 

The energy of Reiki itself is very subtle. It is not like electricity or other known physical energies; it is ethereal. Reiki energy comes from the Higher Power(s), the Universe, the All, God, whatever name you ascribe to the original Life Force of the universe . It does not come from the healer itself. The practitioner opens up a channel in their own body and the energy builds until it flows out of their hands into the person who is receiving the Reiki treatment. Because Reiki energy is pure and comes from the divine “Source” it can only help the recipient, never harm them.

The Tarot is a system of divination involving seventy-eight cards divided into four different suits, as well as twenty-one trump cards called the Major Arcana. Each card has occult imagery and symbolism and represents archetypical energies that each soul must necessarily encounter and experience as they go through life. It is used as a tool to connect with the Divine, gain self-mastery, and provide insight and answers to all manner of questions.


Extremely talented healer. Picked up a bunch of information on my dog and she started feeling spunkier after feeling very lethargic all day prior to the healing. And he worked on me also, and I fell into a meditative state that was extremely blissful and I greatly felt like I needed the peace it provided. I feel lighter.




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